Kitty Queen Cat Rescue

Pittsburgh's Purrfect Cat Rescue

No cat left behind! That's our motto and we're proud to be serving the communities in West Allegheny County with the best in cat rescue care. Kitty Queen Cat Rescue is a no-kill, cat & kitten organization dedicated to helping homeless, unwanted, and special needs cats find loving homes. We are a 501(c)3 non profit rescue organization. All of the donations from caring cat lovers like your are tax deductible! Our Federal EIN is 82-2305983. We operate solely based on donations from loyal cat lovers and the hard work of incredible volunteers.

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What We Do

We are a feline-friendly rescue! We help find homes for friendly kitties who can no longer be cared for or are over the life on the street. We take in owner surrenders, friendly stray cats, or new kittens who need cared for until they can find a home.
We run out of a few foster homes and our Cat Lounge in Kennedy/Robinson Twp. When we receive calls for help, we will bring the kitty into one of our foster homes. We will evaluate and vet the new cat to ensure it is healthy and able to be adopted.
When vet care is complete and there is room at the Cat Lounge, we bring them over to the awesome adoption center where they can meet potential adopters and have wonderful social interaction with other cats & humans.

The Cat Lounge

Kitty Queen Cat Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization. We rescue, care for, foster, and re-home unwanted or homeless cats. Because cats that live in shelters spend most of their day cooped up in a cage, our cat-loving rescue team wants to provide a better, healthier way of living during their transition. Cats & kittens need space to run, play, jump, and interact with each other and that's exactly what they will get at Kitty Queen Cat Lounge! Not only is the lounge & adoption center a meow-velous place for cats - cat lovers (aka humans) will have the ability to relax, drink beverages, interact with the free roaming cats, and possibly adopt a new family feline.

The Cat Lounge fee is $5 per person.

Adoption Process

If you are heading to the Cat Lounge to view some of our adorable adoptable cats & kittens, you'll want to do the following first:
1. Fill out the Adoption App.
2. Set up a time to visit the Cat Lounge.
3. Bring a carrier with you in case you find love and want to take a cat home.
4. Pay the Cat Lounge fee upon arrival ($5 per person) If you end up adopting one of our fabulous felines, your Lounge fees will be deducted from the final adoption fee. For example, if you and your spouse came to look for a new fluffy friend and paid $10 for the Lounge fee, that $10 will be deducted from your adoption fee (even if it is at a later date). This keeps people from abusing visiting privileges by telling us they are only there to adopt.

Adopters Wanted!

Looking for a cat or kitten that needs a loving home? We’re the area’s best match-makers! Every feline that is available for adoption through Kitty Queen Cat Rescue is tested for FIV/FELV, has age appropriate vaccines, is spayed or neutered, and is microchipped for safety. Each potential adopter will be pre-screened and must fill out an application before being approved to choose one of our beautiful little cats.

Our cats are provided with veterinary care including medicine and surgeries, spaying/neutering, feline leukemia/aids tests and other testing as needed, vaccinations, first-aid care and (very importantly) a healthy dose of human affection, kindness and love. We operate on donations alone, whether monetary, through food & supply donations, or sponsorship.
We Accept: Paypal / Checks / Supplies

Our rescue efforts are a labor of love and our cats depend on the hard work and dedication of our loving volunteer staff. We are seeking committed, dependable, hard working volunteers aged 13 or older to help with various tasks at the adoption center. We also need fosters to help socialize and love on our new additions before they are ready for adoption! Find out more about applying to be a volunteer or foster.

Party for a cause! We love to have fun and we love it even more when we can have fun AND help our regal felines in the process. Join us for a range of fun events from Paint Nights, Wine Tastings, Vendor Events, Ice Cream Parties, Arts & Crafts for Kids, and more. Stay up-to-date with upcoming fundraising events or let us know if you have an idea or would like to help organize a sponsorship event.