Please list current and past pets you have own in the past ten years, indicating breed, gender, spayed, neutered, pet’s age, if you still have them and if not why not?
Please don’t adopt a kitty and expect them to immediately fit into your home without the proper introduction protocol. Some cats may transition fine with little to no issues, others may take a few weeks to months to “come out of their shell” – please give them time to settle in. 30 days is absolute minimum for transition work for many cases. Please don’t adopt then bring them back after a week because they didn’t fit in.
To meet a pet, a potential adopter should fill out the adoption application, meet the pet and have a compatibility interview. We give preference to adopters in the immediate area of Pittsburgh. We do not use a first-come, first-serve process and we decide who is going to be the best match for each pet. The process is intended to ensure a best-fit, long-term successful adoption for both the family and pet. * If you rent, provide a copy of your lease and addendum allowing pets to KQCR * By signing this adoption application, you agree to provide vaccinations, health check-ups and any additional veterinary care, by a qualified veterinarian, on a yearly basis. * Your adoption fee is a donation to KQCR and is nonrefundable. * When adopting a cat or kitten, you must bring a secure cat carrier along when picking up your new pet. By signing this form, I/we acknowledge that the information on this form is true and correct. I/we agree to all provisions indicated on this form. I/we understand that any misrepresentation of fact may result in Kitty Queen Cat Rescue, Inc. refusing adoption privileges to me/us. If my/our request for adoption is approved and later Kitty Queen Cat Rescue, Inc. discovers the above information is not true or correct, this application becomes null and void. Because of my breach of contract, Kitty Queen Cat Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to remove the adopted pet from my home, and I will be held responsible for any associated legal costs incurred as part of said reclamation process. In order to ensure the best homes for our rescued pets, we reserve the right to deny any adoption application.