Surrendering or Rehoming a Cat

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We partner with & the Petco Foundation to provide local residents with a quick and easy way to rehome their kitty to an approved, loving new family. All you need to do is:
1. Create a Profile for your Pet
2. Review Applications for Potential Adopters
3. Meet Applicants
4. Finalize Adoption
Rehome will provide you with an adoption contract to protect the transfer of your pet ownership.

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Surrendering a Cat to our Rescue

Does Kitty Queen Cat Rescue Take Cats In?
We get many requests for cat surrenders, whether by owners who can no longer care for the cats they have or by helpful citizens who have found a stray kitty and want to help them find a home. We try our very best to accommodate all the requests we can handle but often have to put cats on our waiting list until we have space available.

Our Cat Lounge holds approximately 20 cats at one time due to the open concept layout and those cats must be fully vetted and combo tested to ensure safe & healthy conditions for our adoptable cats and kittens and the guests that visit the Lounge. Because of this, we do not accept cats directly to the Lounge but must take them in to our small foster network to have them evaluated & given proper vet care before they can get cozy with the other kitties at the Lounge. Due to limited resources and space, we often have a waiting list for intakes and surrenders. Homeless kitties, special needs & medical emergencies, and kitties who are on “death row” at other shelters are top priority due to the timeliness of their rescue options.

Fees for Cat Surrenders:
Because we are a non profit and not funded by any government programs, we rely solely on donations from supporters to help us rescue, save, and rehome the kitties that come into our care. As most shelters & rescues do, we want to help every single cat we possibly can! To do that, we ask for a surrender fee to help cover a portion of the cost it can require to provide vet care for your cat surrender.
$30 per cat
$100 for 4+ cats

***Feral Cat Help***
Kitty Queen Cat Rescue loves & respects feral cats and is a strong supporter of TNR (Trap – Neuter – Release) programs. If you have stray cats around your property that you would like help with trapping & spays/neuters/vet care, fill out the contact form at

It’s important to understand that most feral cats who are not people-friendly are not going to easily be socialized. The best option for these kitties is to TNR them and return them to their familiar territory. There are many organizations that will help with TNR, providing shelters and even food & feeding stations for colony caretakers. Shelters & rescues are generally not equipped to perform feral socialization as it can take months or years for feral cats to become adoptable and many do not have the foster network or resources available to help. We understand that you may want them off of your property or want to find them homes, but without a safe place for them to go, there is little luck with rehoming ferals. Even when relocating feral cats, cats must be crated for 4 to 6 weeks minimum at the new location to have any chance of them remaining at the new home. There are some that will still attempt to return to their original territory and can travel dozens of miles to find the home they are comfortable with. We are always looking for barn homes for feral kitties we come in contact with that absolutely need rehomed so if you can help, please contact us! If you can offer a short term foster home for any of our cats that need socialization or work on their “people-skills” fill out our foster form. The more foster homes we have, the more cats we can help! All fosters are provided with all the supplies necessary to care for our kitties while they are at your home.

Cat Surrender Form

Here are some important tips:

– We do not accept feral outdoor cats into our adoption program nor can we remove outside cats from your property. We can assist with TNR and caretaker supplies.
– We often have a waiting list as our Lounge can only hold 20 cats at a time (all have to be fully vetted to be at the Lounge so we cannot intake directly into the Lounge) and with only a few foster homes available, we get overrun very quickly with our own rescue cats that we pull from the street or bad situations. We get a dozen or more emails & calls each day for owner surrenders and just cannot accept them all. We’ve included other local rescue information that¬† you can try as well.
– One of our volunteers will contact you if we can assist with rehoming your kitty. Once space opens up, we will reach out to schedule a time to meet with you.

*****Current Owner Intake Status*****

Owner Surrender Intake on Emergency Basis Only

Here are some other rescues & resources to try:
Humane Animal Rescue – (412) 345-7300
Animal Friends – (412) 847-7000
Beaver County Humane Society – (724) 775-5801
Merlin’s Safe Haven Cat Rescue – (412) 596-8089
Homeless Cat Management Team – (412) 321-4060
Frankie’s Friends – (724) 889-7011


What to do if you find a stray cat.

  1. Determine if it is a community cat or a lost pet.
  2. Take to vet or police station to have it scanned for a chip.
  3. Create posts on social media for the found cat – We like PawBoost!
  4. Set up space in a spare room, bathroom, or garage to temporarily hold the sweet feline until plans can be made.
  5. Call rescues & shelters to let them know you’ve found a stray and are in need of some advice or assistance.