Would you like to "Pet Cats & Chill"? Hang out & cuddle with adoptable rescue cats. Play with cats & kittens, enjoy coffee & snacks.

Cat Lounge Hours

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 4p to 7p
Wednesday – 4p to 7p
Thursday – 4p to 7p
Friday – 4p to 7p
Saturday – 11a to 5p
Sunday –
11a to 5p
Walk-ins are available but Reservations can be scheduled by the form below.
***Closed to New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day each year***

Schedule Your Visit to The Cat Lounge

Use the scheduler app below to reserve your time slot with our incredible felines! You can play, relax, read, study, snuggle, and enjoy our rescue cats & kittens during your visit at the Cat Lounge. Even if you are not in the market for a new feline friend for your family, our Cat Lounge is the perfect place to get in your cat fix without the responsibility of cleaning, feeding, and litter box scooping! While all of our cats at the lounge are looking for their fur-ever homes, they would still be extremely excited to meet and play with new friends even if they don’t get to go home with you. Please read below for rules & things to know before you arrive at the Cat Lounge.

Rules & Things to Know
In order to keep our felines happy & safe, please be aware of the following rules:

  • Rule #1 – Please sanitize hands upon entrance. Cats are generally not impressed with human hygiene!
  • Rule #2 – Do not pick up cats. The kitties will be happy to jump on your lap on their own.
  • Rule #3 – Children must be supervised at all times. We love kids & think the lounge is a great place to teach compassion and respect for animals but we need your help to ensure safe interactions between kids and kitties.
  • Rule #4 – Please use soft voices. Cats do not like loud or sudden noises.
  • Rule #5 – Photography & videotaping is encouraged but please avoid flash photography. The kitties have their fair share of paparazzi and think it’s for the birds.
  • Rule #6 – Please be respectful of a cat’s comfort level. Do not pull tails, ears, or whiskers and do not force a cat to sit with you if it wants to roam.
  • Rule#7 – Other than KQCR approved treats that can be bought at the lounge, please do not bring in food or treats to feed the cats. You may bring in your own beverages but they must be in a cup with a cap or lid.

When you enter the Cat Lounge, please check in at the reception desk. There you will pay your reservation fee ($5 per person) and sign the Cat Lounge waiver.

We generally have between 30 & 45 cats and/or kittens housed at the lounge at any one time to ensure the cats are comfortable in their living space and not over-crowded. The maximum number of people allowed in the cat lounge at any one time is 15 so that we can keep the Lounge peaceful and relaxing for both guests and our felines.

One of a cat’s favorite things to do is nap. Please do not be offended if our cats choose to get a little nap in while you are there. The Cat Lounge is stocked with a ton of toys, wands, scratchers, and other interactive play things you can use to entice cats to play with. Always make sure you are monitoring the body language of cats to ensure the cats do not become over stimulated. Kitty Queen Cat Rescue nor its staff is responsible for harm done by the rescue cats or kittens during your visit should you be scratched or bitten during play, etc. We do have a first aid kit on hand should you need a bandage or wound care.

How does it work?
The Cat Lounge will be an interactive yet relaxing place to come hang out, study, watch a little CAT TV, enjoy some snacks & beverages and spend time cuddling with cats looking for a fur-ever home. When you arrive, you’ll pay a nominal entrance fee to hang out with our kitties. This fee helps us provide food and care and covers our overhead for the lounge itself.

The lounge area features chairs and other comfy places to cuddle with cats. Feel free to use our cat-approved toys & balls to play with your favorite felines, or, use your time at the cat lounge to read, study, or even play games / cards with your friends. Outside of normal business hours we will also hold special events such as Yoga Nights, Mew-vie Nights, Crafts & Cats, Wine & Whiskers, and even Bingo. All made better of course, by the presence of cats!

The Cats & Kittens
We are committed to providing a safe and relaxing environment for our cats, their welfare and happiness will be our absolute top priority. If you are wondering if cats would actually like to be in a cat lounge, we have some good news!

Cats are social creatures but many cats in shelters spend the majority of their day alone in a cage or very small room without much human contact. As cat lovers, this makes us sad! A cat lounge provides an enriching environment to keep the cats active. The cats will also be able to get as much love and attention from people as they want!

The lounge will have “safe spaces” for cats where they can retreat to if they feel overstimulated or are ready to take a cat nap. (See what we did there?!)

All of our cats and kittens will be fully vetted before they join our community. They will have all of their age appropriate vaccinations, they will be spayed/neutered, and they will be FIV/FELV tested, and given a clean bill of health from our vet partner to ensure they are healthy and happy.

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We’ve come a long way from the first Official Cat Lounge opened up in Kennedy Twp on Pine Hollow Rd!

What are the benefits of such an establishment?
We’re glad you asked! Our cat lounge will create the purrfect environment for both our cats and our human friends.┬áThe most obvious benefit is for the cats who will enjoy comfortable surroundings as they wait to be adopted. But the advantages don’t just benefit our feline friends!┬áResearch has shown that interacting with animals and the soothing sound of cats purring have some great health benefits. It has been shown to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and more.

How Can I Help?
We know you’ll enjoy the benefit of having a fabulous location to spend quality time with our kitties. Here’s how you can help. Donate to our Fundraising Campaign HERE OR we’d also love donations of food, litter, toys, cleaning supplies, cat beds, blankets & towels, and other daily use items that will help us run this incredible operation. Can’t donate financially? We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to help clean, work a few hours at the cat lounge, etc.